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A Thank You That Doesn’t Fall Short

“Sorry” and “thank you” are two of the most powerful things any of us can say. Life-changing, bridge-mending, soul-touching and heart-wrenching. But while sorry is usually a tough one to churn up and out for reasons of pride, thank you tends to be tricky because of the magnitude.


When you want to say thank you, it’s because someone has done something worthy, something above and beyond, something that you will never forget, and you don’t want your appreciation to fall short of that.


But don’t despair because we’ve been busy letting our creative juices have a play around; we’ve come up with some amazing way you can say thank you in a way that’s more breathtaking than just firing off a text or mumbling the words with red-blushing cheeks.


Raise A Glass & Make A Toast

Public-speaking has the ability to make our nerves rattle more than the tail of a nervous snake. If that sums you up, then just imagine how much more heartfelt it will be if you stand up at a party or a dinner, tap your glass with a fork and reel off a thank you in front of others. It is one of the nicest ways to show someone you truly appreciate who they are and what they have done.


Do Something Special, Really Special

You don’t have to go down the DIY SOS route and build them a new home while they’re at work, but doing something special to mark who they are a great way to go above and beyond the generic “thanks”. Take them out to dinner, cook them dinner, present them with a present they’ve always wanted, call in the people at http://seeventplanning.ca/ to organize a surprise party in their honor, or even take them on a weekend away. Experiences are such an amazing way to mark an occasion and such a gorgeous way of letting them know just how much you appreciate them being in your life.


Pay Their Generosity Forward Some

The most touching gifts are the ones that burst from the heart, and that’s exactly where paying a gift forward comes in to give your words a little boost. Let’s say your friend helped you through a rough time, then why not show your appreciation by getting involved in a cause they believe in passionately. A lot of the time, people feel embarrassed about receiving thanks and praise for something that came naturally to them. So save them the blushing by donating to a cause in their name or volunteer your time alongside them. As nice as baked cookies and scented candles are, they don’t compare to this kind of gratitude.


Just Be There

Just because you feel it is the only way to show the magnitude of your appreciation does not mean that your thank you needs to be some great big spectacle in a public setting. No way. In fact, it is doing something more personal and intimate that tends to get the biggest nod of approval. Something as simple as hanging out with them, being there in their time of need and offering a shoulder should they need someone to run too is the greatest thank you out there.

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