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If you aren’t too fashion conscious, then you won’t know what style essentials are floating around at the minute. Even if you think you’re just one of those people that throws anything on to walk out the house, you’ll still subconsciously be thinking about what you’re wearing before you do it. Besides, fashion has the power to make us look and feel amazing. There are so many different style essentials out there at the minute that you can add to your look. All of which will help you feel amazing if you give them a go. Celebrities are leading the way with inspiring us with fashion, so here are some of the style essentials they, and we, are loving at the minute.



Casual wear is probably the most popular form of clothing. It is something you feel completely comfortable with, and is most likely the outfit of choice. It isn’t often that we need to get dressed up to go out places. But you can still jazz up the casual outfit a little to add the touch of class it is missing. You still want to be able to strut your stuff whilst feeling casual at the same time. So let’s start with a classic look that all the celebs are loving at the minute. The first in the outright casual jeans and a cute vintage top look with some Nike or Adidas trainers. This is one that people such as the Kardashians seem to be sporting at the minute. Get yourself a light blue pair of jeans, a white vintage top that you can perhaps even tie into a knot at the front. Finish it off with a white pair of trainers. Hey presto you’ve got yourself a cute outfit that is also full of the style essentials. If you’re looking to jazz it up a little more, then you need to go more classy. Black jeans are a style essential of any wardrobe. But wear some black boots and you’re heading towards a sophisticated look. Blouses are the perfect mix of class and comfort, and are definitely a style essential you need in your wardrobe. A white blouse with the black jean and boot combo is going to look amazing. Just make sure the blouse is more of a day wear blouse and not one you’d wear to work. You don’t want to go too over the top with a causal look


Evening Wear

There are a few more style essentials that you need for the evening wear look. The first being accessories. You’re either going to be someone that piles them on, or someone that doesn’t bother with them at all. But our only question is why!? There are some really beautiful accessories out there that will compliment any evening wear look. Try just putting on a nice delicate necklace if you’re going for a meal. If you’re going on a night out on the town with the girls you can be a little more extravagant. The last thing you want to do however is look tacky. Make sure it is a statement piece, but nothing too big if you want to make it a style essential. Bracelets are a great accessory for adding something to your hands that you wouldn’t usually have there. It draws attention to more parts of your body that you wouldn’t usually focus on. As for the actual evening wear attire, there’s plenty of looks that you can go for. A little black dress is probably one of the cutest, yet sophisticated looks you can go for. A little black dress should be a style essential that you’ve always go tucked away in your wardrobe. Another look that seems to be becoming a style essential at the minute is the checkered skirt with a black long sleeved bodysuit tucked in. A sophisticated and classy look all rolled into one. Finish it off with a nice pair of black heels and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. To finish off, the last style essential that you need to have is a clutch bag for the evening. A decent clutch bag is not only practical, but can be classed as the final accessory that any evening look wears. If you know you struggle with wearing heels as well, a good substitute for this would be some knee or thigh high flat boots. They still look really smart and go with nearly every evening wear outfit. It just means your feet won’t be dying at the end of every night.


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