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The Secrets to Hosting A Successful Party

Have you got a birthday coming up? Or maybe something has happened that’s a cause for celebration. Either way, you may be thinking about hosting a party. If so, you’re probably a bit lost as you don’t know what to do. Have no fear, here’s my short and simple guide to hosting a successful party:

The Music

All good parties need good music. But, there is no such thing as the perfect party music. Many people think they’ve cracked the code and have a Spotify playlist containing various songs for parties. However, the trick is knowing your crowd. If you invite a load of people who all like pop songs, then don’t stick on some proper hardcore trance tunes. Likewise, if your crowd is more into indie music, then cater to their tastes. This is how you get everyone singing, dancing, and having a great time.

The Games

You can’t have a party without some classic party games. These should be a mixture of normal party games and drinking games. I always think Twister is a great one to whack out at a party. It’s so much fun, helps people get to know each other better, and causes lots of laughter. As far as drinking games go, you can choose any you want, just don’t force people to join in if they’re worried about getting sick. The last thing you want is to clean up vomit from your floor.

The Transportation

Now, all good parties have one thing in common; they start in one venue and end up in another. Normally, you have a good time at home, then get a taxi into town to round off the night. However, you can upgrade your party to new heights with better transportation. Instead of a boring taxi or Uber, think about party bus rental instead. This way, you can continue the party on your way into town. It adds an extra layer of fun to the night, and just think about the crazy Snapchat Stories, think about them!!

The Venues

As I just mentioned, the best parties have two venues. The first one needs to have ample room to fit everyone in. So, if you’ve not got room at your place, ask friends if you can have the party at theirs, or maybe even rent out a hall somewhere. When it’s time to move, make sure you have a good club booked for everyone to go to. Ensure everyone buys tickets beforehand so you can all skip the queue and nobody has to miss out.

The Guests

Finally, every party needs a good guest list. Make sure you invite people you actually like and who get along with one another. I know everyone wants to have loads of people at their party, but it can become overcrowded, and you get different cliques forming up in corners of the room. Keep the guest list small, but big enough to create a good atmosphere.

Right, now you can get planning and put on a party your guests will remember for years to come!




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