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last day of summer



And just like that summer begins to come to a close… Well not really here. Summer is nearly an eternal spell in the southern United States. We wear humidity like an accessory year-round. But maybe, just maybe, this year’s fall will be filled with crisp air and a soft breeze. The weather lately has been cool then burning hot again. When I closed my eyes on one of those cool days, I felt like I had dressed for the wrong time. My summer lace dress didn’t seem right for the chilly, dry air that brought chill bumps to my skin. Yes, it was a cold front bringing in rain, but one can only hope it is a sign of what is to come.

With all of that being said, I love seasons! I love being warm more than cold, despite that first paragraph, but I want to experience all of the season feels in their time. So until then, let’s focus on the present and our one shoulder tops, bright accessories and so on.

Fall starts in just 3 days!

What are you wearing during this transitional week?

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