Be the Hostess with the Mostess When Throwing Your Next Dinner Party


You can’t always be in the mood for a big night out with your friends. But, even so, that’s no excuse to sit at home on your own on the weekends. Why not bring all your friends to you by organizing a dinner party?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to ace a dinner party. It’s actually a lot easier to do one than what you might think. You just need to follow these great tips to ensure that you are the hostess with the mostess.


Cook What You Know

Whatever you do, make sure that you always cook meals that you have cooked before. That way, you will have a good idea of what you need to do and exactly how long you will need to spend preparing everything. It also gives you chance to perfect your dishes. If you cook something completely new, you could easily make mistakes and you might mess up your timing. For instance, you might start cooking something that takes a lot longer than what the recipe says, and this could trap you in the kitchen for the whole evening while your guests get very hungry!


Think About The Drinks

It’s important to spend some time considering what kinds of drinks you will serve at your dinner party. Generally speaking, they shouldn’t be too strong or else everyone will get very drunk very quickly! For a nice touch, start off the evening with a classic cocktail like a martini or a cosmopolitan. You might want to view alcoholprofessor.com for more recipes. It’s then a good idea to serve wine with the food. Try and pair the wine with the food you serve so that the drinks complement the dishes.


Plan Your Guestlist

It’s not a good idea to invite different friends without thinking about it. Of course, if all of your friends know each other already, then this is fine. But if you are going to invite some guests who do not know others then you should stick to the general rule of thumb that everyone should know at least one other person. That way, there is always someone who a guest can easily talk to. If a guest turns up and doesn’t know anyone else apart from you, the conversation could become quite awkward.


Create A Pleasant Ambience

It’s a good idea to create a playlist on spotify.com so that you have some music ready to go during the dinner party. This can help you perfect the ambience for the evening. If you don’t have any music on, you might find that the party’s atmosphere falls flat which can spoil the whole evening. Ideally, you should choose music that doesn’t feature too many lyrics as these can be distracting. Go for some classical music or cool jazz tunes.

If you follow all of the above tips, then your first dinner party should go off without a hitch. And you will definitely be known as the hostess with the mostess!


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