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If accessories could speak what would yours say about you?

Accessories are a tricky subject in the fashion world. If I’m honest, I wish I wore them more often. We’ve all seen accessory clad people on the street and wished we could wear additions with as much ease as them. Yet, many of us fail to get our accessory game under control the way we intend. We might get into the habit for a week or two, but it’s never long before the jewelry box goes unopened once more.

There are few reasons for this. I’d be lying if I said that rushing out the door didn’t play a role. Many of us forget to add on those accessories before we leave the house. Unless you’re making a specific effort to pick out those pieces, it’s all too easy to let this small detail slip from your mind. On top of which, many of us just don’t have the accessory collection to turn to in the first place. We may be willing to spend on those quality fashion pieces we know we’ll wear time and again. But, accessories can often cost as much as a quality top. And, when you know they’re only additions to your outfit, it can be difficult to justify the cost. Wouldn’t you rather buy a whole new outfit for that price?

In truth, though, accessories have much more fashion power than we often give them credit for. Like a good cardigan, they can transform any outfit. In fact, if you get this right, your accessories can overshadow the rest of your image. They can take on a life of their own, and spread whatever message you want to send to the world. For proof, we’re going to look at a few of the things your accessories might be saying about you.



Don’t we all dream of being effortlessly stylish? We may spend hours choosing an outfit, but we all hope it looks as though we stumbled out of bed and put on the first thing we found. It’s the dream, right? But, if this is something you aim for, you might avoid accessories like the plague. After all, nothing quite screams ‘effort’ like them. They certainly can’t help with your out of bed image. Or can they?

In truth, minimal accessorising can do just that. In fact, this could be what brings the stylish element to your effortless image. Obviously, you don’t want to put on that super chunky gold necklace or cover your arms with bracelets. Even some dangling earrings would be overdoing it. But, something subtle, like these rose gold earrings from Evulfi, could do the job. You want something without flourish, but which adds that touch of glamour. Pair these with a simple, delicate necklace, and your effortlessly stylish image is complete. Remember, too, that less is more. Anything over one or two accessories would undo this image altogether. Know when to stop when you’re ahead!

Free Spirit.

From nose rings to festival bands, nothing quite says free spirit like accessories. Going all out with your additions is the perfect way to achieve the ‘hippie chic’, carefree image. No holding back here. We’re talking about bracelets up to your arms and earrings which dangle so low they brush your shoulders. Pair these with loose-fitting clothing, and you’re sure to be onto a winner.

Bear in mind that this is very much a case of quantity over quality. Free spirits don’t care about expensive signature pieces. Instead, head to cheaper shops which offer packets of bracelets rather than individual pieces. You can rest easy that earrings here aren’t going to cost your monthly wage. When you’re wearing a lot of accessories at once, you just can’t afford to splash the cash. On top of which, expensive pieces wouldn’t look the part here. Gold isn’t quite the free spirit ideal. Instead, aim for pieces with earthy colours. Browns and greens always work well here, and a few peace signs won’t go amiss. When the sun is shining, and you feel like letting loose, you can turn any outfit in a hippie haven with pieces like these.



When you splash out on a few luxurious pieces to wear with your everyday style, you send a clear message that you’re worth the effort. This can be a hard one to get your head around. We have an irritating habit of not realizing that we are worth the effort. But, once you’ve gotten used to wearing that expensive necklace every day, you may find yourself closer to believing it. This also shows the world that you aren’t afraid to treat yourself, and that’s got to be a good thing. You never know; you may inspire a few people to do the same for themselves.

You don’t have to go over the top here if you don’t want to. In fact, when it comes to real treat yourself pieces, it’s better to stick with one or two. Your bank balance will undoubtedly thank you. But, one stand out necklace is all you need to make this image work for you. Don’t be afraid to show off with this, either. If you’re splashing out on one or two pieces, make sure they can be seen from a distance. We’re talking chunky necklaces and bold bracelets. Otherwise, your message may be lost on a piece no one else can see.

This is probably one of my favorite routes when it comes to accessories. The statement piece really takes the stage. I often find these looks the ones that I envy the most on others. To me, they just seem super put together and a well-achieved look.


Accessories can also be a massive help in a business setting. You don’t need us to tell you that women have it hard in the business world. Every fashion choice we make seems to come under scrutiny. But, accessories can make this all a little easier for you. They add that touch of professionalism, and can even detract away from other fashion choices people may be quick to criticize. A quality bag, for example, is sure to show clients you mean business. Equally, a decent watch can have the same impact. These are all signifiers that you’re a professional, and that you take your work seriously. On top of which, they can make you look fantastic as you walk through the office. After all, you are going to be spending everyday here, majority of the day, so you might as well take the opportunity to really play up your favorite things and show off your wardrobe.

So, with that in mind, it’s time to rethink your accessory game. Consider what messages you want to send. Then, turn to your current collection. Separate those pieces into the appropriate groups. If something doesn’t fit, get rid. Once you have your sections, you can turn your attention to the pieces you need to buy. You want something to fulfil every accessory need. Write down a list, and tick off each item as you buy it. This won’t be an instant process, especially with the expensive pieces. But, it will be worth your time when you have a complete collection behind you.

Of course, even once your collection is saying the right things, you need to remember to wear it. If you put it back in the jewelry box, it won’t be any time before you forget about it again. Instead, think of new ways to store your pieces where they’ll stay fresh in your mind. I have a full table where I display my jewelry, right outside of my bathroom door. I literally have to walk right by it on my way out the door. This leaves me with no excuses to be empty handed on the jewelry front. I also display all of my necklaces out on a hanging rack so that I see the selection each day. None of them are hidden. Honestly, this little space is one of my favorite parts of my room. What ways do you display your jewelry? Here are a few other ideas to consider when it comes to convenient accessory organization.

A bowl on your dressing table. When jewellery is locked away in a box somewhere, it shouldn’t be any surprise that we forget about it. After all, there’s no way we’ll remember unless the thought directly crosses our mind. To make sure you remember without having to think of it, keep primary pieces in an open bowl on your dressing table. These can become a fantastic feature, while also serving a practical purpose.

A jewellery pinboard. Speaking of fantastic features, creating a pinboard could be the ideal solution. This way, they’re always in your sight line when you’re getting ready. Plus, this stops them getting tangled. It’s the ideal solution.


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However you do it, it’s time to let your accessories speak for themselves. In no time, you won’t be able to imagine your outfits without them.

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